Spring Boot Templates

As the years go by, a lot of people have been contacting me.

Through my blog, github and through twitter I've been asked the following question multiple times:

What does a production-ready spring boot application look like? What configuration - albeit minimal - do I need to create a scaleable application?

A few years ago, I wrote articles about spring boot in combination of spring cloud netflix. A lot of traffic is still targeted directly towards these old, outdated blog posts. Don't get my wrong, they still explain the basic concepts. But if you try to run the code, using the newer Spring Boot libraries, everything is broken.

It got me thinking. In the past I've seen various templates, varying from html/css templates, to full blown saas templates using Python and Flask. Yet, for spring boot, there are only a handful of templates or starters available. All of them are either company-specific or are majorly outdated.

After years of developing Spring Boot applications, for side projects as well as my day job as a consultant, I can say I have the knowledge create scalable, yet easily understandable applications. I decided to create a few starter-templates, which you can use quickly create new applications.

The first Starter Templates will be released in May 2020.