Got an open source project? Looking for developers? We got you fam!

Are you lacking developers? Are you doing everything on your own?

Sometimes it's hard to get known. Getting known often requires you to become trending, to get have a cool and new shiny project, to release blog posts that's not only witty, but also captivating.
Only then will you attract people that are willing to help you out on your open source projects.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

Let's face it. Smaller projects or lone wolves don't have time or money for extensive marketing or PR. Especially not for something that doesn't even help you earn a little extra. Marketing is costly and advertisements often don't have the desired result in bringing in people to help you.

Incentivise development

If you're not a famous open source project, how can you find developers to help you out?
There needs to be an incentive.

We tried using Fundrequest. A platform which incentivises open source development, by rewarding developers in crypto.


The process of using fundrequest was really easy. We've heard of projects like this before, but the aspect that their entire payment process is done on the Ethereum blockchain is really a benefit when it comes to trusting the entity which holds your money.

Cheaper than traditional outsourcing

Because we lacked some structure and good tickets in our github project, we decided to create a ticket on our github repository for a new logo.

We decided to go for about 10% of the retail value of a simple SVG logo and deposited around $50 worth of FND tokens, which can be bought on iDEX or Coinbene. The Fundrequest website had an easy workflow to deposit the tokens.

Within a week we had a few designs to choose from, which we happily did. We still have to implement the new logo on, but that shouldn't be too far from being done.

We can already imagine that outsourcing other issues, like custom development, documentation or translations will also be cheaper than traditional outsourcing, where you pay by the hour.

The beauty of it all? Fundrequest does not withhold any fee whatsoever. Actually, they even pay for the transactions on the blockchain. We'll definitely be using fundrequest again for other tickets on Cindercloud!

You're a cryptocurrency project looking for developers?

You're in luck. Fundrequest supports custom ERC20 tokens. So if you'd like to incentivise developers by funding your issues with your own tokens, you totally can. Just contact fundrequest, so they can enable your token on your repositories.

What do you think about fundrequest and using crypto to incentivise developers to work and help on your projects? Feel free to leave a comment below.