Registering Intellectual Property using blockchain technology

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Diplr Platform Components

  • Register
  • Find
  • Verify
  • Monitize
  • Register

    The core of our application is the registration of intellectual property. Specific versions of intellectual property can be digitally signed and uploaded to the distributed network.

  • Find

    As a side-service, we'll offer the possibility to browse and search through all registered property. In our initial application, this part will not yet be decentralized, but ideas are in the works to also migrate this towards a fully decentralized solution.

  • Verify

    Our platform will make it easy to verify that a user is the rightful owner of intellectual property. IP that has been registered with us can be formally verified. Tampering with data is impossible.

  • Monitize

    On top of all this, we'll be making sure that Intellectual Property can be transferred to other entities by the registrator, should you wish to do so. We're also adding the possility to not only transfer IP, but also make it possible for users to consume it.

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Quinten De Swaef
Founder @ Diplr
Kwinten Pisman
Founder @ Diplr
Kelly Vael
Project Manager @ Diplr

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